UFO Evidence: A look on how its purposely diluted.

Disclosure TV News/Walter Sobchak May 4, 2021

The Drake equation/SETI

Ufo’s and alien’s have been a staple in human life and culture. It has captured the attention of the world over. Many cultures have talked about sky people and chariots flying in the sky. During WWII soldiers talked about seeing flying discs. Ufo attention increased due to an incident in the New Mexico. On July 8th, 1947 the Roswell Daily Record published a headline saying that the Air Force had captured a ufo after it had crashed in the New Mexico desert.

Since then, UFO sighting have increased exponentially and military involvement with UFO’s has been kept hush hush. Since the Rosewell incident, some of the general public believe the govt has been hiding the existence of UFO’s under the guise of hidden govt programs.

Like Project Blue Book. Which to manys’ surprise, turned out to be true. Although the military released documents pertaining to ufo research and Project Blue Book they never would acknowledge ufo’s or the Black Programs researching them. Which is like pulling a double take on something weird you’ve just seen. Ya know? The govt has documents on ufo’s and the research programs but still denies they exist even though “they” released the documents from those program? All righty then.

Over the last 3 decades several ex-presidents have publicly stated seeing and believing in ufo’s. Many govt officials and ex govt employees have started revealing what the govt has been really hiding.

Ufo’s have always been a favorite topic for individuals campaigning for president. Most claim they will get to the bottom of the ufo phenomenon. But after they were elected, that famous statement is always spoken “I cant talk about it.” Such as President Barrack Obama did during an one on one interview with Stephen Colbert.( In the video below, Its important to watch Obama’s facial cues and expression when asked about ufo’s)

Scene taken from Obama/Colbert interview/UFO

Ufo’s or as the Navy calls them “UAP’s”, have also increased in attention by the media. In 2019 ufo videos that were released by To The Stars Academy by Luis Elizondo made headlines across the world. Luis Elizondo was an Intelligence Officer and  the former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (ATTIP), a secretive Pentagon unit that reportedly studied ufos, between 2007 and 2012. He introduced declassified ufo videos from the U.S Navy to the world live on CNN.

Which the Pentagon did fully confirm that the videos belonged to the U.S Navy. The U.S Navy did later confirm the objects being chased in the video as ufo’s. And then the TOP GUN U.S Navy pilots involved in the incident confirmed that the objects they saw were indeed aircraft they had never encountered before.

Luis Elizondo CNN Interview on AATIP

The govt wanted to keep a tight lid on the ufo subject matter. So the Military enlisted the help of the CIA and its black programs to cover up the ufo phenomonon. The CIA already had a program in the works. Operation Mockingbird. Which was a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early years of the Cold War. It is used to gain control and manipulate the news media for propaganda. The CIA also used the program to hide, change or twist sensitive information they didnt want to get out. Meaning they could create or manipulate their own news story for whatever reason they needed. Some could be false stories or half truths.

CIA document taken from the Gerald R Ford Library

The CIA imbedded themselves into Ivey league colleges. Posing as professors in order to manipulate the way journalist were taught to gather or obtain the news. Intelligence agencies had a heavy influence on the way the media and journalist reported and gathered the news.

Which leads to now. The media has been twisting or stopping information from being published. They do it because some politician or govt agency has told them not to. Or because some Corporation has an agenda or secret they dont want to get out. Especially the govt.

The media publishes their own polls and surveys on everything from political to scientific research. MSM outlets also use expert guests that are easy to manipulate or that blatantly lean towards the opinion that media outlet is pushing. They hire like minded generic Doctors or scientist that have no connection or expertise in one certain field or subject, and use them to push their own opinion or the opinion there told to push as facts. They do this to further a certain agenda. All this can be found with just a little research. This is important because it is also being used to hide and manipulate ufo evidence.

Screenshot From CIa UFO vault

Over the years thousands of images and videos of ufo’s have made there way into the public eye. Some ufo sightings have found their way into military or some intelligence agency investigations like the CIA. Which has a huge vault filled with declassified ufo documents.

Over time, only a few ufo videos or photos have made it into the media. And all under go public scrutiny by accredited and amateur researchers, scientists alike. The govt pushes their agenda to hide ufo info by using the media. Pushing “debunkers” or “expert” researchers that have no experience with the subject. Or using the term “conspiracy theorist” coined by the CIA as a last ditch effort to stop someone from spreading info that wasn’t supposed to be spread.

If a scientist, professional or govt official claimed ufos were real, they were called out by the media. Being called a “Conspiracy theorists”. Which is extremely hazardous to ones career. Prominent Govt officials and researchers who once lead entire military branches or worked in service of the public for decades are now deemed “crazy” for believing in ufos’s.

Harvard Professor/Astrophysicist Avi Loeb

Ufo evidence has always been “questionable” I always wondered how some of the most convincing evidence could just be dismissed or called fake. So I started to analyze the media’s coverage along with researchers and debunkers. I viewed footage and images of the most famous and not so well known ufo’s.

After researching what I could find. I began to feel a little saddened by what I was seeing. Video after video and image after image made me a little more unhappy each time. Just about every single ufo video or image was indeed fake. I started thinking that debunkers and the lop sided media was right. And hit me hard.

Several days later I was watching a live show called GUFON on You Tube. The host Rich Giordano was talking about how poorly ufo evidence was being portrayed by documentary film maker Jeremy Corbell. He had recently released, new ufo videos filmed by the Navy. A few days later I listened to a debunker named MIck West . He correctly identified the navy’s object. He Explained perfectly what we were seeing in the video and how it occurred. Which made complete sense.

Image Credit: U.S Navy via Jeremy Corbell

Suddenly an epiphany started to form. I thought about my epiphany for days. Making sure I wasn’t leaving something out, or looking at it wrong. After all that research and investigating no one had seen what was happening. right in front of our faces no doubt. ufo evidence was corrupted . The most important part of the UFO equation was wrong and possibly tampered with on purpose. It has a CIA media finger prints all over it Let me Explain what I discovered.

When it comes to ufo evidence. The media, debunkers and others, use the same adjectives when describing the evidence. Usually “fake”, “CGI” or “debunked”. Debunked means ” to expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief)” Even if evidence showed what someone really saw was an air plane, star, satellite or a camera affect. It would still be labeled as fake or debunked.

Switzerland Ufo

So the problem that I found was usage of wordplay and statistics by the media and others. 99% of sighting are ruled “fake”. But fake isn’t the correct term to be used. The correct term is “identified” Once an object becomes identified the media and others, still labels it as fake or debunked. while continuing to include it within the equation. While also using statistics as further proof. There in lies the problem.

After an object becomes identified as something other than a ufo no one is taking it out of the equation. They are keeping identified objects they call “fake” lumped in with that 1% that remain. A star or satellite isnt a fake ufo. Once youve identified a CGI or hoax sighting it neither is “fake”. but indentified as something else. Scientifically and mathematically that is wrong. Thats not how science, research or an equation works. You cant lump in “faked or identified ufo evidence with the still unidentified and unexplained1% .So that means that the 99% of “identified objects” doesn’t even belong to the equation anymore.

Although that 1% seems very small. In reality its not. That 1% of still unidentified objects is made up of thousands and thousands of unidentified and unexplained sightings. Only leaving just that 1%. And what does that mean. Those statistics are only there to help crowd the real evidence. There is no 1% anymore. They are just thousands of unexplained sightings, And I believe all that was done to confuse others.

Those 99% were just misidentified objects which have now been identified. and no longer are part of the equation or to be considered a ufo. I mean if a plane was misidentified as a ufo are you going to call it a fake ufo from now on? Umm duh no. Its a plane. Same goes for the rest of the identified objects.

Once you think about how simple all of it really is. You start to understand that something that simple is being done on purpose. And no one is realizing how many and how large that unidentified percentage really is.

Let me explain my opinion on ufo’s before I end this article. When I was growing up I gave no thought to ufo’s or aliens. Into my late 20’s I had no opinion on if ufo’s or aliens were real or not. I had seen some stuff but not a lot. Back then I used to think the media was trust worthy.(90’s early 2000’s). So I just went along with what they said. It wasn’t until about my early 30’s that I started looking into ufo’s. And really still didnt have an opinion early on. It took me about 2 years to form an opinion on the authenticity of ufos’s and alien creatures.

I hope that all of this just blew your mind. None of this is an opinion. Its factual, it has common sense, it even follows the rules of scientific research and math. And there’s absolutely no way to counter argue the facts Ive given here. So i hope this gives you a renewed hope and energy in Ufology and the evidence evidence supporting it.. Thanks for reading.

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