NATO Releases Satellite Images of Russian Military Build Up at Ukraine Border

Written by Walter Sobchak April 20,2021

Satellite images released by NATO show Russia has increased its aircraft, soldiers and military equipment to near its border with Ukraine than previously stated by any government.

The situation and military buildup, is worse than originally expressed. The build up has become alarming for the United States and other NATO countries as it indicates an increased likelihood of Russian military conflict with Ukraine.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Monday that the Russian military buildup is “certainly bigger” than the one witnessed in 2014 when Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Retired Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove told the WSJ that the military build up is consistent with having appropriately deployed the various elements of airpower that would be needed to establish air superiority over the battlefield and directly support the ground troops,”

There is also significant build up near a Russian base located near the Black Sea. Which Russia said they plan on blocking for six months to prevent the entrance of other countries military vessels.

Biden administration officials have been working on options should Russia attack. Suggesting that the U.S will give Ukraine lethal and nonlethal military aid. Biden spoke with Russian President Vladimir last week about the escalating tensions saying, the United States has an “unwavering commitment” to Kyiv.

Image Provided by NATO per MAXAR Technologies

Lined up on a runway just 100 miles from Ukraine, 15 supersonic Russian fighter- bombers await their orders from the Kremlin. The 15 Su-34 fighter-bomber aircraft are on the runway at Morozovsk airbase. With a top speed of 1,367mph, they are armed with an array of laser-guided missiles and a 30mm autocannon capable of firing 1,800 rounds a minute.

The Maxar satellites spotted increased levels of Russian activity at 15 locations along the Ukrainian border, more than previously thought. Its also reported that The U.S already has deployed 160 troops in Ukraine to train the Ukrainian military. Ive sent an email a few days ago to the U.S embassy in Ukraine trying to confirm that information. But have not been given a response.

It is not known as to what DEFCON readiness level the U.S sits at because of the increased tensions. That information is not publicly available. However one could assume its not currently at DEFCON 5. The lower the number the closer we are to a war. DEFCON 1 means “Nuclear attack is imminent”. Thanks for reading and remember to share this article with others.


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