Asteroid impacts earth, NASA stayed silent?

Written by: Walter Sobchak/Disclosure Tv February 27, 2021

Image Nasa Via Reuters

We”ve all seen the movies where an asteroid is approaching earth and governments across the globe secretly prepare to evacuate its self, the “most powerful” and military to secret bunkers while trying to keep the whole operation from going public. Which by the time they tell the public its too late for the public to ask the government for help and its too late for the public to help themselves. So they are left to fend for themselves while govt officials and the cream of the crop ride it out in state of the art bunkers.

Every asteroid movie seems to insinuate, that exact scenario will likely happen in real life. Do you believe the government would tell the public? Giving them adequate time to prepare for such a devastating event? Most would say yes they would tell us. Others believe not so much.

But to the ones who do believe the government would alert them argue, that wouldn’t happen because the government and scientist are too many and it couldn’t be kept a secret very long. Also arguing that officials and NASA has already publicly stated they would inform the public. Citizens believing they have no reason to lie. But what if they did have a reason? Or in fact have several reasons to lie about an incoming asteroid?

What If I told you, that part of that scenario has happened already? Specifically NASA or the government not informing the public of a potential asteroid impact. And its happened several times already. The majority of you dont even know about it.

The most recent of an asteroid impact didn’t happen a 1,000 years ago or even 5,000 years ago. Scientists have confirmed an asteroid impact with Earth over the Caribbean. A bright flash was detected by NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite among others. Showing that an asteroid impacted Earth Saturday, June 22, 2019, at around 5:25 p.m. EDT (21:25 UTC). It impacted the earths atmosphere about170 miles south of Puerto Rico.

NOAA GOES-16 Satellite radar of Asteroid 2019 MO

Astronomer Peter Brown, a meteor expert, said “that an infrasound station located in Bermuda detected airwaves produced by the asteroids impact in the atmosphere.” The object is believed to have been 20 feet in diameter. This event was unusual because it “detected just hours prior to its impact“, by the Atlas (Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System) in Hawaii. Originally designated A10eoM1, the rock has now been designated as asteroid 2019 MO. An asteroid receives several types of designations for different types of scenarios. Using up to 4 different names that include 4 different parts each part meaning something different.

The asteroid exploded with a force of 5 kilotons of TNT. Which is very powerful if the asteroid had struck land. By comparison the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan exploded with an force of about 15 kilotons of TNT. Although small space rocks and debris enter Earth’s atmosphere on a daily basis, experts at NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies say that large events such as Asteroid 2019 MO occur about once or twice a year. The video below shows a simulation of the impacting asteroid.

Simulation of Asteroid 2019 MO

This is only the fourth time in history that an impacting object was observed prior to atmospheric entry. And NASA nor any government agency, scientist or observatory has ever informed or warned a country or the public of an impending asteroid impact. Not even one that might impact the ocean of a nearby country. Only after the event has any agency reported it. Even the three recent prior impacts. And it was only reported on one website from an observatory the NEO observatory in Hawaii a day after it happened. So does this real life event along with the three others prove NASA or our government wouldn’t inform us of a pending asteroid impact? It does lend some evidence and credibility that the movies may be spot on. But lets Just hope that we never have to find out. Thanks for reading and remember to Check us out on YouTube.

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