NASA contracts SpaceX to start launching lunar Gateway sections

NASA contracts SpaceX to start launching lunar Gateway sections

Written by Walter Sobchak/Disclosure tv updated February 12,2020

Unveiling Deep Space Gateway Plans, NASA Charts a Future Beyond the Moon

NASA announced this week it has contracted SpaceX to start launching sections of there Lunar Gateway outpost into space. Which will serve as a space station for astronauts coming and going to the moon. As a moon base will likely be constructed as a staging area for another base on mars.

The Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) and Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) are said to be foundation of the Gateway, which be one-sixth the size of the International Space Station once completed.

“The PPE is a 60-kilowatt class solar electric propulsion spacecraft that also will provide power, high-speed communications, attitude control, and the capability to move the Gateway to different lunar orbits, providing more access to the Moon’s surface than ever before.” NASA said. “The HALO is the pressurized living quarters where astronauts who visit the Gateway, often on their way to the Moon, will work. It will provide command and control and serve as the docking hub for the outpost. HALO will support science investigations, distribute power, provide communications for visiting vehicles and lunar surface expeditions, and supplement the life support systems aboard Orion, NASA’s spacecraft that will deliver Artemis astronauts to the Gateway.”

falcon heavy spacex rocket
Image/Space X/Falcon Heavy

The mission is scheduled to launch no early than May 2024, NASA said. NASA will use SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket to send to circle the moon. The total cast of the launch is expected to be $331 million, NASA said.

NASA said it intends to return mankind to the moon this decade, first by placing astronauts in orbit around the moon in 2024, and landing humans on the moon later in the year.

Nasa also ordered Boeing to build at least 24 Artemis space vehicles that hold 12 or more personnel, to be built within a 2 year time period. Its already been a year, and half have been built and shipped to Nasa already, being readied for launch. Nasa then announced they would be adding more Artemis space vehicles to its order. It usually takes Nasa years and years to come up with a vehicle. Even a satellite for that matter.

All of this is happening very fast. Almost too fast. The U.S government even requesting, inviting and hurriedly choosing private companies to work with Nasa in order to start and complete the whole process from the moon to mars. But the U.S isn’t the only country in a hurry to get to the moon…again. And this time it isn’t only the U.S and Russia. Even Countries with no space program are gathering funding from wealthy private donors in order to get to the moon.

As Ive mentioned this whole project seems to have some strange time constraints to it. Is the government working with a timeline? What is the hurried reason for this timeline? Are we really in that huge of a hurry to get back to the moon for for a non-time constrained reason? I mean this isn’t the space race. Attempting to get to space is old news. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Nasa has also ordered other time constrained projects dealing with space vehicles, the moon and mars. I dare speculate to the reason why they are in such a hurry. I believe someone is in a hurry to get off the planet. But that’s just me. Id rather read why you think our govt and NASA are in such a hurry to send people back to the moon. I do have a comments section with each article you know.

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