Pentagon admits to carrying out tests on material pulled from UFO’s

Written by Walter Sobchak/Disclosure tv

UFO material in possession of TTSA Luis Elizondo

If you remember back in 2017 The Pentagon reportedly recovered metal alloys from unidentified flying objects that were not from this world. Materials, which were is said to have properties that couldn’t be reproduced from any current known elements on the planet, that “were” being stored in a modified buildings in Las Vegas. Which belonged to Bigelow Aerospace a government contractor. All this was reveled in 20017 when the head of a secret UFO task force made public that there was more to UFO’s than is being reported by the U.S govt. Certain individuals and government officials promised more disclosure and transparency on the subject over the next few years. It seems we are seeing the fruits of some of that labor.

UFO researcher Tony Bragaglia has found evidence through a freedom of information act request, that shows, the Pentagon did recover materials from UFO crash sites and conducted tests on materials which were considered to be ahead of current technologies.

On December 26 2017, UFO expert Tony Bragaglia submitted a Freedom of information act request to the Depart of Defense. It took the DOD nearly 3 years to send a response. Which can be found here . The request is 145 pages in length.

The FOI request which dates January 8,2021 refers to “UFO/UAP material and “physical debris recovered by personnel of the Department of Defense as residue, flotsam, shot-off material or crashed UAPs or unidentified flying objects.”

The documents refers to “metamaterial” which can shape shift under certain frequencies or amounts of energy.  It also refers to these futuristic materials having the ability to “make things invisible, “compress” electromagnetic energy, and even slow down the speed of light”. Which shows factual evidence about what we’ve already seen from 1000,s of UFO’s spotted by people across the world.

The documents also report on next-generation “Amorphous Metals refered to as “liquid metal” or “metallic glass” .which are novel engineering alloys with disordered atomic-scale structure. Metal is crystalline in its solid state, which means it has a highly ordered arrangement of atoms. Amorphous metals though are crazily disordered .

The contract that Bigelow was granted by an official government UFO study (whose existence was revealed by The New York Times in 2017). The contract was for Bigelow to construct “specialized modified facilities” to hold the material for testing. So its not likely they owned the facilities but were hiding under the “Private ownership” of the contractor. A tactic taken by the government over the last 30 years to help hide and conceal black projects and classified programs outside the eyes of the public and of a FOIA request. Private contractors do not have to reveal any information. So honestly there is no telling how many more facilities there are that contain such projects and programs. Especially when it comes to UFOs.

The debris in possession by the U.S government is likely tied the the 1947 Rosewell crash. As some of the material obtained from the crash site resembles the same properties. “Part of the information released discusses material with shape recovery properties, much like the ‘memory metal’ debris found fallen at the Roswell UFO crash in 1947.” Some of the documents requested were being withheld by the govterment. You know for the reasons they have. which tend to end up being false anyway when it comes to the release of any future documents.

I myself believe it is time fore full disclosure. Although I do believe parts of Extraterrestrial life disclosure will be withheld. Because of a particular reason. I do have an opinion on it. That I may write about in the near future. Surely it blow your mind and make you think a little bit about where humans come from and the evidence behind it.

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