Nasa gearing up for Apophis Asteroid impact in 2029.

By:Daniel Hager April 8, 2020 9:30 p.m

NASA scientists are still worried about Asteroid 99942 APOPHIS. A 26,990,000 metric ton rock headed straight for earth. There report this time is, It may in fact impact earth. And they’ve probably know it all along. They are so worried about it that nasa is going to have a trial run at knocking an asteroid off course before Apophis reaches earth. The type of asteroid NASA is worried about is much smaller than the one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs but is still known as a “City killer”.

CIty killers are about several hundred feet in diameter. They have crashed in remote areas within the last century, devastating large portions of land.

Fox News 40 in Sacramento did an interview with Joe Cassady. Rocketdyne’s executive director of space. “Not something that would threaten all life on Earth but certainly would be of concern if it was headed toward New York or Sacramento.”

Aerojet Rocketdyne, which is part of a NASA project that aims to deflect asteroids from their path to Earth, along with John Hopkins University, will be launching a spacecraft in 2021. Targeted at a pair of asteroids several million miles away. The project is called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART.

Aerojet Rocketdyne is supplying a rocket engine, as well as a unique solar-powered ion engine to make the 14-month journey.

Ion Engine

The practice asteroids for 2021 they are targeting is Didymos. A pair of twin asteroids that float along together. DART will make a collision course toward the smaller 550-foot diameter rock.

Cassidy says -The idea of the test is to slam DART into this asteroid and see if we can divert it a little bit off of its path.The spacecraft isn’t huge, weighing just over 1,000 pounds, and will be traveling at over 15,000 mph. According to Cassady, In theory it won’t take much to alter the course of the asteroid, according to Cassady.

He also says “the change of just a few centimetres per second in their velocity,” that far away could be enough to divert them off course and make them miss Earth.

Aerojet Rockedyne States that they “hope to refine its ion engine so that it could be used on an asteroid that will approach Earth in 2029. Which Asteroid is that? Asteriod 99942 Apophis. “And that guy is a really big asteroid. But wait why would Nasa practice on Didymos for an approaching asteroid that supposedly isn’t suppose to impact earth?

The DART project is being supported with the cooperation of space agencies from around the world. For NASA to come out and say :”here we are just practicing for the possibility is one thing. But to practice such a thing because a giant asteroid IS IN FACT ON A COLLISION COURSE WITH EARTH is something totally different. I’m not sure if Aerodyne even meant to put the statement out that way. But they did. Asteroid Apophis is headed on an impact trajectory for earth and they need to practice before it gets here.

The video below is from the source of information

And no, Apophis isn’t just a practice run. Didymos is the practice run. Apophis is the real deal and its headed this way. Just like Alternative Investigative Journalist said it would. Its odd that AI Journalist will say something is happening, the media tries discrediting them, call them crazy. Then when that exact thing happens they are still called crazy even though they called it before.

Apophis is named after the God of chaos. Initial reports from scientists said it wasn’t a problem and would miss us my millions of miles. That just doesn’t seem to be the case. especially since when they found out about Apophis they started the DART program with several countries. If Apophis was a practice attempt for DART, they would have called it as such. So be prepared. Don’t focus on one media outlet. Read from several sources and make your own opinion.

Lately we’ve had more and more meteors that don’t burn up in our atmosphere and reach the ground. the latest being in Nigeria. Where it destroyed several homes several hundred feet away. And that meteor was said to be only the size of a fist.

On April 7th 2020 several meteors entered the atmosphere exploding Near Seattle Washington with a sonic boom. It just so happens that a large comet, Comet Atlas broke up 72 million miles from earth. Which its possible we may end up going through the debris field. A single orbit from this comet is 6,000 years according to astronomers and researchers. Scientist really don’t know where this comet came from. Its crazy unnatural orbit is just a theory.

The govt isn’t going to tell you what is actually happening. Just as we’ve found out with a viral pandemic. Where it was found out that we have federal laws in place that keep states and the federal govt from telling citizens we have a viral pandemic. Even though the U.S scolded China for doing the exact same thing. The U.S govt isn’t going to protect you. They protect their own.

Proof of that is in several articles written by the media. That never made it to the MSM. It tells how Military commanders were moved to Cheyenne Mountain complex. The military’s infamous bunker.Which also is known as NORAD and the headquarters for the new U.S Space Command. If you enjoyed this article please subscribe to our Twitter and our Youtube channel by clicking the links below.

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