Is COVID19 A Forced Vaccination Plan?

By Disclosure Tv News 4/26/2020

I”m sure most of you don’t think you need a back story of where and how the coronavirus started, but you’d be wrong to think that. The main stream media has totally scattered the view of the American peoples perspective on those facts.On purpose? There’s a good chance of that. But why? There could be several reasons. Was Covid19 created to implement a mass vaccination of the entire planet? What for? There’s several theory’s and i’m going write about them in a series of Articles. Im doing it because we do know there’s enough evidence to point towards a conspiracy but which one? We know it was developed in a lab. We know it was released near a lab that was studying the virus? We do know there was an initial plot to cover it up.

If you listen to the incoherent ramblings of the main stream media whom get their facts from once credible health organizations, now caught in several lies, then you have one version of the story. Its the version, that’s being forced on the world. With a changing story line everyday. Where huge facts are being presented, but ignored and not included into the overall narrative of whats happening. Ill start with that version to catch up and then give you all the facts.

The Flu season started as always. Just like it does every year for the last… oh… 2,000 years (which is what we are told). Starting in November 2019, an unknown virus started to plague Wuhan, China. Word of the virus made its way to the main stream media. Information started to come out about its cause. Reports stated that the novel Coronavirus started in a Wuhan wet market, where restaurants were said to be serving raw, wild animals, such as bats. It is true, in fact, that bats can carry coronavirus. However, it has been found that bats can carry up to eighty-nine different types of the virus, to be exact. Scientists don’t exactly know the evolutionary path from bat to human, or how humans contracted this new virus which we are now plagued with. Even so, health organizations collaborated this theory. Still, it is just a theory. One that is being pushed as fact, like evolution or the big bang. While both are widely accepted theories, neither has been proven true.

The Chinese government covered up the virus early on, during the initial outbreak. In true Communist fashion, they kept the outbreak under wraps, by controlling China’s State TV. A whistle blower in China spilled the beans on what was actually happening in December. Dr. Li Wenliang posted a video that made its way around the world via social media, telling everything about the outbreak and how the Chinese were covering it up. A week later, a Chinese hospital confirmed the whistle blowing Doctor had died from coronavirus. His video is now hard to find and is speculated to have been wiped clean from Google search results. China then locked down their entire country, halting air traffic from everywhere in the world. Citizens from other countries were then sent back to their country of origin, via their respective state departments, usually by way of their military.

The Chinese started reporting infection and death rates. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) were also reporting the numbers the Chinese government had released. The public quickly figured out those numbers were being manipulated, as escaping information from doctors, medial professionals and Chinese citizens was being posted to social media. The WHO and CDC still continued to report those numbers, knowing they were false. The media began to get on board with what the people were reporting, although reports of infection rates were still in line with China’s official numbers.

I made a statement in one of my videos that said “The United states will see an outbreak after Europe sees theirs”. Not long after, that statement came true in the exact way I had predicted. The outbreak had reached the United States, after Italy was devastated by the pandemic.

That is the story being broadcast around the world. This is the real story. The story that is factually true but being reported as a lie by the main stream media.

Now, the facts about how the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) actually began.
This is not another theory.
Information started to spread that it was likely COVID-19 was genetically engineered in a lab, where it then escaped to the public. We now know this is true, based on an investigation by U.S Intelligence Agencies and the President to find the origin of the virus. CNN, of course, reported that the U.S Intelligence claims were false. Condescending monologues were broadcast, as if they knew more than the U.S. governments secret three lettered agencies and the President of the United States. Not to mention, the false information and cover-ups from the Chinese, that the media was running at the bottom of their screen, 24 hours a day. The United States very first press conference on the coronavirus tried convince its citizens to not protect themselves by telling the public “Don’t go out and by masks or protective gear. There’s no need”, yet, U.S. leaders started ordering fifty million masks per month.

So whats going on? Why is all this happening? There have been several theories on why. We’ve had Confusion from the govt from the media. Is the confusion happening on purpose? Are they hiding something? All the evidence factually points towards yes. But what. I’ve had several theories myself. one being over the world wide drop in vaccines. People stopped vaccines because of what was in them. Vaccinations dropped largely in the U.S. By law Forced vaccinations already happen early in life as infants and toddlers. you cant attend school without them but its against the law for children not to attend school. That’s forced vaccinations. However the was wiggle room for people who really didn’t want them. The govt did not like that people weren’t vaccinating. they even created several small campaigns that didn’t work. Vaccinations still declined.

After a rise in measles cases in the U.S and some small pox cases.The govt wanted to force adults and children to vaccinate.But really on a social scale that wouldn’t be a good move for the govt to make. So usually when the government is faced with a social decision they use a tactic less known to the population. They create a situation or event in which they force citizens to make the decision they want them to make. In this case the theory being that the coronavirus pandemic is nothing more than a way to force a mass vaccination of whatever is in the vaccination they’ve created. Ill explain how I came to that conclusion with facts and sources in a listed timeline.

  1. Vaccinations drop in The United States, Vaccines drop
  2. States and the Federal govt fight to have vaccinations and limit religious exemptions
  3. States and the federal govt lose case after case trying to force new vaccination laws. Florida, New York, California and most major states lose battle forcing vaccinations.
  4. Senate tries to force vaccinations-Senate committee looks at Boosting
  5. Forced vaccinations protested- Senate cancels vote after protests. At this point the federal govt knew they had no control over vaccinations. The harder they tried the more resistance that happened.
  6. Dr. whistle blower in California reports Measles Outbreak before it happens Marfoogle tv.
  7. Measles outbreak 2018-220 measles cases reported
  8. Anti-vaxxer protests heat up
  9. November 2019 coronavirus outbreak- Coronavirus
  10. Whistle Blower announces china hiding a virus outbreak
  11. December 21 2019 Dr. Li Weng Coronavirus whistle blower silenced
  12. January 2020 1 week after reported outbreak- Wet market in china linked to outbreak(note articled dated Jan,31 2020)
  13. WHO starts reporting China infection/death rates via Chinese govt
  14. Leaked info shows numbers likely higher. WHO says False.
  15. Rumors start about Wuhan virus leak-China denies lab virus
  16. Doctors, morgues and funeral homes told by the Chinese govt to Fill out cause of death as “suspected COVID19” even if they didn’t die from it.
  17. Researchers with no china contact to lab says rumors not true. Scientist say impossible. WHO says not true. even thought they haven’t sent any doctors at the time to Wuhan do to the lock down.(A tactic used by the media, companies, and the govt is to pay for specific research results. its likely this is happening with aspects of coronavirus information. When a researcher or scientist puts out information people tend to believe its true.Over 3000 studies of the coronavirus have been done in just a few months. Majority of science is paid for by government grants or tax payer money. Majority of research is bias and false according to the largest medical journal Scientific American. And The media and government present and use this information to manipulate the public for whatever agenda or reason corporations or the government has.)
  18. The federal govt starts campaigning to stop citizens from buying masks. surgeon General makes tweets and tv ads compelling citizens not to purchase face masks.
  19. States issue lock downs while the federal govt tries to stop them.
  20. CDC develops COVID19 test kits. but states say they don’t have any. Federal govt says we already shipped them out.
  21. Cases increase
  22. States continue to say they still don’t have test kits-Inside the testing failure
  23. Federal govt says “everyone can have a test- Leaked audio on Covid testing.
  24. Federal govt wants states to reopen after a week. All the while no vaccine has been made. says it will take years to create.
  25. CEO’s of major companies dump stocks 1 week before outbreak, leave on jets to private 2018 Bill gates announced that there would be a viral pandemic during the Trump admin.
  26. Navy ships who have been at sea for months start reporting COVID19 cases among sailors. How would that even be possible? Especially when the first case reported was from a ship that had been out to sea for 2 months. Pentagon bars Navy from reporting COVID19 information
  27. WHO and CDC accused of misleading and mishandling china outbreak information-WHO accused (The WHO and CDC reported Chinese number even though they knew them to be inaccurate. China hide its infection numbers. But they aren’t only to blame. The media also reporting those same numbers while telling the public not to believe the alternative media’s numbers. Especially when the alternative media produced mathematical and scientific evidence showing that the WHO,CDC and the MSM numbers were actually wrong. The original R-Nought value given by the WHO and CDC was 1.3. That number being wrong off the bat(get it… off the bat) However that number doubled to 4 the next day and continued to climb. Climb to the point to where mathematically it started not to make sense. And when numbers stop making sense you add in human involvement. By human involvement i don’t mean just typical one person infecting another. I mean human involvement where other humans are being infected on a mass scale. and the only people that can do that? I’m sure you can guess. If you think about the U.S numbers grew and how fast the initial outbreak started along with its incubation period and social interaction. The numbers really don’t make sense. those numbers doubling every day. Over half the instances
  28. Whistle blowing Doctors in the U.S started to report that the govt, CDC and local health officials told them to report any death as a “COVID 19” case.
  29. China denies manipulating numbers. says U.S army to blame for outbreak-China spins tale
  30. The Media rejects china’s idea about U.S army. The White house says nothing.
  31. Reports start surfacing that the coronavirus was indeed created in the Untied States. the national institute of health had been conducting research on COVID19 as early as 2015 during the Obama admin. It was shut down due to its ability to be used as a weapon or its highly infectious rate if it got out. Obama even saying ha a coronavirus pandemic is likely. However…
  32. During that time. Dr. Anthony Fauci who was over the National institute of health secretly sent the virus to another country to continue research. Its unclear whether he was told to do that or acted alone. A $3.7 million govt grant was discovered to have been issued to China by Dr. Fauci. That govt grant went to non other than A BSL4 lab in Wuhan China. Which is also where Dr. Fauci sent the Coronavirus to continue the research-U.S govt $3.7 million
  33. Trump backs up report of Wuhan lab outbreak. Stating U.S intelligence reports that the coronavirus did start from Wuhans BSL4 lab-U.S intelligence says outbreak likely from Wuhan lab Meaning There’s a high chance that the coronavirus outbreak started there. Its also likely it was leaked on purpose.
  34. Trump vows to end Obama era funding to Wuhan lab and continue to investigate reports of Wuhan lab Coronavirus leak.
  35. U.S health officials announce that the Flu no longer exists-
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