Secret Continuity of Govt Exercise Exposed in D.C

12th Aviation Battalion UH-60 Black Hawks over Washington D.C

The U.S. military is currently conducting a new classified operation involving at least 10 UH-60 Black Hawks over and in Washington, D.C. This mission was exposed after the U. Army asked Congress to move $1.5 million in funds from one program to another in order to support the operation.

Bloomberg first reported this after obtaining a copy of an Army programming request to move a total of $2.5 billion from other Army programs.

“Soldiers from assault helicopter company and aviation maintenance units will be supporting the mission with 10 UH-60s and maintenance capabilities for four months,” the request says, . “Without additional funding, the Army will not be able to perform this classified mission.” The Do.D said the mission included active duty soldiers from the Army and the National guard. An Army spokesnman stated that the classified mission started on Oct. 1st 2019 with an undetermined end date.

The report does give clues as to the unit involved and its mission. The document mentions the construction of a new” Sensitive Compartment-ed Information Facility,” or SCIF, at Davison Army Airfield, which is located at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. Building designated SCIF have a particular standard for operating. Those parameters are they can handle and discuss classified data without it being moved or seen by others or other depts. Meaning no information leaves that building at all.

The document further reveals the use of black hawk helicopters at that same base. Which are only used by a particular unit known as 12th Aviation Battalion. The Battalion also operates its own modified aircraft for a specific purpose. including a fixed wing VIP aviation detachment, modified and luxurious VIP-configured Black Hawks and ground support which includes there very own air traffic controllers to manage their own missions and operations.

Davison TAAB

The 12th Aviation Battalions primary day to day functions is providing airlift support to Govt officials and Elites working and visiting the federal govt in Washington D.C. Which is also referred to in the Document above as the National Capital Region [NCR].

The Other mission of the 112th Aviation is to provide support to the Federal govts very selfish Continuity of Government plan. Which is to evacuate the Executive Branch, govt officials and Elites to a safe place in the event of a”MAJOR DISASTER”,ENEMY ATTACK OR OTHER CRISIS. The battalion would help fly lawmakers and other VIPS to secure sites such as Mount Weather Raven Rock or other Unknown bunkers spread out across the United States. The Continuity of govt if you read it is very very selfish. Giving orders and preparations to save the federal govt and its VIPS while telling FEMA to wait until after a disaster to help save anyone. Specifically stating not to attempt saving anyone prior to a known disaster.

Aslo the 112th is responsible for the Army’s 911th Engineer Company. Which is a rescue unit specifically tasked with helping to extract VIPS from collapsed or damaged buildings in only one area. The Military District of Washington.(Pentagon). They are also the only unit tasked with retrieving others from the White house.

So if you havent gotten it by now. the classified mission ongoing for the last 10 months is, the Army is training to retrieve officials and VIPS from Washington D.C with no exact end date in sight. Is this something to look further into? Other activities from the military and govt agencies continue to increase which seems to be a cause for alarm. They seem to be preparing for an unknown, known event that is requiring the increase of preparations of a govt known event. Had it not been”accidentally” released no one would have known.

However at the same time this accidental release could hinder future knowledge to citizens of a pending disaster. Meaning that if the helicopters continue to train with no end date and it becomes a normal training scenario, then at no point and time would any know that our excutive branch, elites and officials were secretly and selfishly airlifted to safety before a catastrophic event.

I believe each citizen deserves the right to know if something bad is going to happen. Govt officials are humans too. Why would a human let another human decide the other fate or tell them they cant be saved. All life is precious and is worth being saved. We all need to find out whats going on. But as iv said before most cant see because the govt is using the media to blind the public on whats really happening .Yes Im saying that Donald Trump was elected to provide blinders to the american public to hide the fact the federal govt is preparing for a catastrophic event. And he and the media is doing a wonderful job of it. don’t you think?

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