Congress Funds Space Force

Congress Passes Funding Bill for Space Force

Written By Daniel Hager June 17, 2019 10:30 pm

Everyone remembers Donald Trumps announcement back in 2018. ” I Donald Trump, President of the United States. Have signed a Directive ordering congress to create a 6th branch of Military.The United States Space Force”.

That was a laughable and embarrassing moment for congress, a lot of citizens and even from Trumps own staff. The Pentagon, DOD and military didn’t really respond to Trumps announcement with criticism like most did. Many were asking why do we need a space force. But a few were saying hmmm, something is up.

Trump made the space force sound as if it were to fight hackers and satellite threats from other countries. Basically Making it sound as if the United States needed A separate large branch of military to protect U.S assets in space.We already have a branch of the military along with several other branches of the military already dedicated specifically to satellite or space protection. But is that really what Trump really meant? The alternative media along with Govt theorists believe, that isn’t what he really meant. The evidence its looking like the alternative media and Govt theorists are on the right track. +++++++Generally legit conspiracy theorists haven’t been wrong on much when it comes to secrets held by the government. But some how the govt and main stream media still make legit theorist seem like psychos.

Since Donald Trumps announcement for Directive 1, The creation of a Space Force. Everyone has forgotten about it. No one figured it would make it. Most Figured it would be blocked by democrats because, first it sounded stupid.Second because of whats going on with the Russia collusion investigation and last Democrats have have voted against every Trump action since hes been president. especially since dems had taken over the house in 2019.

In 2017 the DOD allowed Luis Elizondo to announce that the pentagon had been investigating UFOS for the Last 5 years. As most know they have declassified CIA/FBI and military documents showing that’s been happening longer than that. at least back to the early 1940’s and as early as 1939.

The Elizondos Interview on CNN was very. very important. He was Asked the most famous question by CNN News Anchor Erin Burnett ” Based on what you’ve seen and found out Do UFOs and aliens exist”? Elizondo’s response was “But based on my personal opinion ” We may not be alone, Whatever that means”?

A few months after that interview Luis Elizonda did another interview with the International UFO Congress telling everyone that 2019 would be a big year for govt UFO information. Specifically stating ” The govt plans to release new exciting information in 2019. Making some say “huh” and others say “ah ha, I told you so”. It seems that info hasn’t made it out yet. But as promised some info had been released by the U.S navy pertaining to official reporting guidelines of UFOs for military personnel and citizens alike. Along with the bigger statement from a U.S navy spokesman stating that “they confirm the existence of UFOs but have no idea as to who is flying them.”

Over the last 40 years. officials from just about every administration from each president has come out about UFOs. Even intelligence officers for joint NORAD and high level military commanders begging the govt to make known the existence of them. Yes NORAD is a joint operation between the U.S and Canada. Where at 4 star general from the U.S and a 3 star general from Canada are in charge of North American Airspace at all times.Leaders from other countries have spoke out,especially the Russian defense minister in the 1990.s.

I wanted to explain the current news around the space force and around UFOs before i fill you in on the main headline. Both in my eyes has something to do with the other. And this new release of information also in my eyes shows further how important this topic really is. It may not sound important. But trust me it is. Because honestly if you dont understand what this next part means then well. your not ever going to understand.

Now to the main headline. Congress Has officially funded and activated The U.S military’s newest branch. Giving them billions in funding. Along with that. They are granting private space flight companies licences and funding to help build the program and a lot more. “Democrats and Republicans” voted “unanimously”…”together”… to fund and activate Donald Trumps Directive 1. Like for real? If you haven’t been hiding under a rock the last 2.5 years. you’d know that, that’s big. Because they haven’t agreed on anything over the last 2 years. especially something coming from Donald Trump. And for it to be a unanimous decision. That’s like cats and dogs getting along. Its just weird. Not only that the Dems, press and public all laughed at him for it. Dems have done nothing but blocked trump on every turn. On everything. except for this outrageous new military branch. Hmmmm. Something just isn’t adding up is it.

Now If you remember how the media tried to interpret our presidents initial statements on why we needed it. They said it was because of threats to satellites, hackers and missiles from space. Basically a branch of the military with nothing but technical analyst, hackers and desk jobs.. That’s how they made it sound. But that’s not how its turning out to be.

They are wanting new space vehicles built. New launch platforms. New weapons. You know an actual fighting branch of the military. I mean think about it. we already have what the news media described. That’s everyone was like huh?we already have that. But as i said some knew exactly what was happening. You have to pay attention to peoples words. Donald Trumps exact words were “We are currently fighting threats from space” “We have to protect ourselves from threats in space” He didn’t say future threats. He said current threats. and we don’t need space launches to combat hackers and missiles.

So new information is being let out about UFOs. AND THE GOVT IS ACTUALLY THE ONES RELEASING IT THIS TIME. Then the govt has this crazy laughable idea to create a space force that everyone laughed at.That no one thought they would hear about ever again, and boom. Now we have a funded space force. Along with companies to launch this new branch into space. Yeah i’m sure Starship Troopers is coming into mind. I’m not making any of this up. And i know others no matter what you tell them will never ever admit they think UFOs exist. So let me just say this. To never believe that intelligent life may exist beyond our planet. Is to basically say i don’t believe in science. Or NASA for that matter. The current goal for NASA along with millions of scientist across the planet is to search for life beyond our planet. IS THAT NOT THE CURRENT GOAL? THE CURRENT RESEARCH?. Whether it be microscopic or even life flying an advance air craft. That is what they are searching for. I think we are all ready to see the most convincing evidence of all. A real captured UFO.

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