Yellowstone hit by 2 massive 5.0 earthquakes

Written by: Daniel Hager April 10, 2019
Yellowstone National Park

Seismic activity explodes after a week of odd Silence.

On Tuesday April 9th 2019 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Sandwich Islands. It was immediately downgraded to a 6.7 then a 6.5 within minutes. The energy transferred to the United States within an hour. Causing Yellowstone Caldera to ignited in seismic activity.

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck near Lima Montana, just around 12:15 pm. on Tuesday, and a 4.0 aftershock registered about three minutes later. The U.S Geological Survey real-time earthquake map, showed that two 5.0 earthquakes had struck and then two 4.0 magnitude earthquakes. They were both downgraded within 3 minutes of them striking to 4.4 and 3.5. Again, even though most monitors were reporting the initial strike was 5.1 and greater and the aftershock 4.0 and greater, the magnitudes were downgraded.

Yellowstone earthquake waveform

John Bellini, a geophysicist with the USGS said, “these are considered “light” earthquakes, though they were likely felt near the epicenter and perhaps as far away as Butte.”

Bellini said,”With a 3.5 magnitude quake people feel the jolt,” “A 4.5 can knock things off a shelf near the epicenter. You might see some cracks in some old plaster. Ten miles away, you’re probably not going to see anything other than a jolt.” Residents in Lima Felt the Jolt.

The epicenter falls within the Yellowstone Caldera magma chamber and some 60 miles away from Yellowstone super volcano. The magma chamber extends outwards 200 miles from the center and is only less than 3 miles deep in some places. New thermal features have developed over the last year near Tern lake. Causing an area to be marked off known as the “tree kill zone”, because trees can no longer survive there because of the high ground temperatures. Which have risen over the last year.

Tern Lake “Tree Kill Zone” Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone volcano was hit by a total of 127 earthquakes in March this year, with 26 deep quakes striking the super volcano in a single swarm. 46 more earthquakes than in February. Yellowstone seismicity in March included two terrifying earthquake swarms which struck on March 25 and March 28 . The first earthquake swarm, picked up by seismograph stations, saw a total of 26 “local events” erupt between March 25 and March 26. The earthquakes were recorded roughly 16 miles east-northeast of West Yellowstone in Montana. The second swarm erupted just three days later about nine miles west of Old Faithful geyser in Wyoming.

Just days before the quakes. An alternative media outlet on YouTube known as Dutchsinse. Noticed an odd pattern of shallow low magnitude quakes over the last week. He warned his viewers that deep, more powerful earthquakes would be moving out from the center of the earth. On April 9th hours after ending his daily reporting and notifying his viewers about what was coming, the earthquakes hit just as he predicted in the places he predicted. He continued to live stream as the events unfolded. Here’s a link to his channel.

His accurate reporting has made him the go-to guy for earthquake predictions and information. Hes gotten so adept at seeing earthquake patterns he is able to predict earthquakes a few days up to 10 days in advance. Giving others time to prepare. He can even predict volcanic eruptions based on earthquake data.

The USGS claims that no one can predict earthquakes or eruptions. They even launched a campaign against Dutchsinse trying to discredit his reporting and discredit his belief that the USGS is knowingly hiding earthquakes between the Yellowstone caldera and the Cascadia Subduction zone. In which he has proven they are. Along with many other alternative media outlets on YouTube.

The USGS fails to report earthquakes in these areas for an unknown reason. Even though the USGS and the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network has over 2000 seismic monitors near the coast and in the water near the Cascadia Subduction zone. The information in those areas may have been classified top secret at some point by President Obama. The PNSN is funded by the USGS and the federal government. Its data is also supposed to be made public.

PNSN North america Seismic monitors

The Cascadia Subduction zone, a fault line just off the coast of Oregon and Washington is said to be ready to slip at any second of any day. Producing a 9.0 and greater earthquake along with a tsunami reaching as far as 30 miles in and to the shores of china. Along with an earthquake felt across the U.S. For some odd reason the USGS has kept this information hidden. After a FOIA request. I was denied that information based on no reason.

Does the USGS actually know when those dangerous seismic areas will go off? That’s a possibility. Why does the USGS hide information in these areas? To prevent panic? Economic loss due to false alerts? If those were the reasons. There isn’t any logical or moral reason to wait until the the area becomes unstable to notify its citizens at the last second. Its impossible to evacuate that many people in any short amount of time. The U.S citizens in those areas deserve the information they pay for, and have a right to. Who are they to play god?

The USGS is putting lives in danger and they are knowingly aware of it. They are so aware of it, That FEMA and the U.S military are and have been training for that exact scenario, in those northeast states. The citizens are clueless of the training and exercises that are going on by the military. Not to mention the worst part. Most are unaware of what the Cascadia Subduction zone is and Its dangers to their families and the millions of other citizens on the coast of Washington and Oregon.

Cascadia Subduction zone

Its been said by several scientists that the “Cascadia Event” may be so powerful that It may cause volcanoes such as Mount St. Helens or Mount Rainier to erupt. The impact reaching as far as the Yellowstone super volcano. Which is over due for an eruption by 20,000 years. No one knows the full impact of this ticking bomb. But it is being hidden and its is a danger to hide it. When lives are in danger? You don’t choose the economy over the people.

Mount Saint Helens eruption

Update: After the earthquake activity on April 9th. Today’s seismic activity on the 10th has been eerily quiet yet again. Very few earthquakes are being reported. It seems something is building below the surface of the earth. Something Big. Prepare. And always be prepared.

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