The “Mother of All Caravans” fact or tactic?

Written BY: Daniel Hager March 31, 2019
Migrant Caravan Leaving Honduras

The Secretary offered no clues on when the caravan might start their 1,700 mile journey on foot, across 3 countries. Which takes no less than 46 days to traverse.(12 hour walk per day).

The Federal interior secretary of Honduras said , “We are aware that a new caravan is forming in Honduras that they’re calling the mother of all caravans . . . and which could be [made up of] more than 20,000 people,”The Secretary offered no clues on when the caravan might start their 1,700 mile journey on foot, across 3 countries. Which takes no less than 46 days to traverse.(12 hour walk per day).

he United States was informed of the caravan when the Honduran interior secretary had a meeting with DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in Miami, Florida. The caravan and migration were key topics of the discussion.

Sánchez said Nielsen told her that United States authorities returned at least 76,000 migrants to their countries of origin in February and expect to deport more than 90,000 this month and a total of 900,000 by the end of the year.

Migrants from Honduras catching a ride to The U.S border

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in a statement that Nielsen and Sánchez “discussed ways the U.S. and Mexico can work together to address irregular migration and the record levels of illegal entries at the U.S. southern border.”

Hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing poverty and violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have entered Mexico at the southern border since late last year as part of several large caravans.

The Mexican government only had issued 10,000 humanitarian visa’s in its country. Stating that those 10,000 visas were requested individually by the migrants. The other migrants didn’t want asylum or help from any country. They just wanted to go to the United States.

The reason for the sudden influx of migration and the caravans is up for debate. Some politicians saying their opposition influenced, coursed and even paid some migrants to trek to the United States. Stating that Latino voters usually vote in favor of Democrats. Some even suggest George Soros paid for aid and transportation. Another suggested reason for the sudden influx of migrants. Was that the migrants felt they had the right to enter the united states at any cost or for any reason. Many stating that they want to obtain the “American Dream”.

The migrant caravans usually takes a little over 30 days to travel from Honduras to the United States. Which is a shorter time than the amount of times it actually takes to walk. Having no money, food or water for the 1700 miles journey. One third also being children.

The United States so called stubbornness for allowing entry. Is due to its legal process and most of all the need for border security. Which by any standard is every nations concern when it comes to allowing people into the country. Not only do they have to go by U.S laws. There are also international laws that has to be enforced. Its not only the U.S that has to enforce border laws. But all 195 countries on earth have strict border security and immigration laws. For some odd reason immigrants, liberal and democrat U.S citizens have a problem with U.S immigration laws. When all 195 countries abide by almost the exact same laws, restrictions and processes for purposes of protection and security. They have no conflict with or care about other countries policies.

Border security In all countries is a must. It stops international crime. It stops terrorists from entering anthers country and reeking havoc. It stops most countries from invading another. They also stop drug cartels from trafficking their drugs, people and children. Children like your son or daughter. Imagine if that border security agent hadn’t stopped that particular person hiding as an immigrant caravan. Imagine if they were just let in crossed paths with Little Emily or Evan walking to school. Or maybe even riding there bikes on the side walk, and they never came home. You never saw them again. Or you receive a ransom call from the cartel demanding a million dollars for the life of Emily or Evan. Its been happening every day.

Migrant Protesters Becoming Violent

n march 26th the Honduran govt released a statement saying that the 20,000 person caravan wasn’t real, and no caravan had formed. The government of Honduras has rejected the claim by Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero that “a mother of all caravans” is forming in that country, while a migrant advocacy group contends that the term was used as a ploy to justify the implementation of stricter immigration policies in Mexico.

Honduran deputy foreign secretary Nelly Jeréz said yesterday that “there is no indication of such a caravan” and “this type of information” only encourages people to leave the country.

Jeréz’s remarks came after United States Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen met with Honduran, Guatemalan and Salvadoran officials in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to discuss the issue of migration.

So is It true or isn’t it? How can 3 government officials from the same country and 2 others tell another that they have 20,000 person migrant caravan in Honduras, headed for the U.S. Then Another individual from the Honduran government say that’s not true and a “migrant advocacy group” made that up? I doubt that a Honduran advocacy group was part of the DHS meeting in Florida.

Most Migrants from Central America that are fleeing their countries, are proudly carrying their countries flags with them instead of clothing or necessities. Why, would you carry your nations flag, whom, you fled from. While fleeing to another country? Then you get to that country you wave it proudly while demanding entrance or forcing entry into that country? That’s the exact definition of an invasion. Most flee to America for the way of life and the freedoms you receive. While proudly wanting to be an “American” . Ill tell you now. Its not because of the freedoms. Because those are all gone. You can tell me your free to do what you want. But ill disagree by asking you a simple question. “name a freedom that doesn’t require money at some point or another”? Name one? Even your freedoms have been monetized. Duh. So why else would you come to America? The Money of course. To live the “American Dream” The American dream is money.

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