A 1350 ft wide asteroid is heading for earth. Nasa Maybe hiding it.Part 1

1999 AN10 similar to this NEO

I’m Sure You’ve seen the headlines reading just as mine does. “ Asteroid headed for earth will earth be destroyed”? You start reading and come to find out its going to miss the earth by two million miles. This isn’t one of those news articles.

20,000 Near Earth Asteroids. The Blue asteroids are closer to the earth than any other.

Scientists say two or three million miles isn’t that far away when you look at it on a universal scale. I disagree. Yeah that really is a long way off. Two million miles?If you drove 70 miles an hour 24 hours a day, it would take you 3 years to get there. If you include breaks? Your looking at about 4.5 years. That’s a long way off.

Photo Of moon 6 million miles away

NASA established the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO). Its Jobs include early detection of potentially hazardous objects. Tracks and characterizes PHOs and issues warnings of the possible effects of potential impacts;Studies strategies and technologies for mitigating PHO impacts; and Plays a lead role in coordinating U.S. government planning for response to an actual impact threat. With FEMA. I will mention the PDCO again, later on in this article. As I found an Odd coincidence.https://www.nasa.gov/planetarydefense/organization

In 1999 an australian observatory discovered an NEO. At the time information on it was limited. Because the orbit was being hidden by other objects. They were only able to view it a few days every year and a half. So at first they were unable to determine an orbit. They Dubbed the asteroid 1999 AN10. You wont find very much about it. Very little information is given. But what is given isn’t very good.

1999 AN10 Orbit path

1999 An10

The asteroid 1999 AN10 which is a kilometer in size passes by the earths orbit twice a year. Its blocked the rest of the time because of its orbit. However scientists were able to get an orbit and a trajectory on it. They tried tracking its origin. It just so happened to have a decaying orbit because of the gravity of the sun. They tracked it back to the 1940s. The orbit keeps getting closer towards the path of the earth with every pass. As of 1999 it was 200,000 million miles away. Further analysis was warranted because of the erratic behavior of the asteroid which is some 1,350 feet in diameter.

The Jpl team which is part of the NEO program became worried after they noticed the decaying orbit. That orbit coming so close that NASA cant rule out a strike. NASA reported that it will either miss us by 16,000 miles or it will impact earth in 2027. However they are uncertain of that trajectory. 1999 AN10 so far is the largest tracked NEO to ever come this close to earth.thttps://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/neowise/main/index.html

Now for even worse news. Scientists other than NASA have noted new data simulations that increase the chances of impact in 2027 . If…If it misses us by NASA’s 16,000 mile projection there will still be at least another 25 close approaches between 2027 and 2044. Claiming either way,that 1999 AN10 will impact earth. That’s probably why NASA has only released info on it twice since 1999

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