Social Media and MSM is leading the Ban on Freedom Of Speech and Alternative Media

The MainStream Media is struggling to keep viewers and the Government doesn’t like it.

The public depends on and TRUSTS the mainstream media(MSM) to deliver accurate and fair reporting of the worlds news.They also trust that the msm will give them factual honest accounts and statements about that news.Whomever it may be from or whomever it’s about,especially with regards to political views or government information.The msm receives prepared statements from its sources.mostly from the spokespeople of sources like the government or corporations.Those prepared statements are the “official account” of the report.Sometimes that information is factual and sometimes its a lie, and the sources and the people reporting it are disingenuous.Sometimes those “prepared official statements” are used to cover things up, deflect or manipulate a situation.

What if i told you there’s proof that the elites along with corporations and the government are taking advantage or abusing your trust in the msm? By controlling or telling the msm what to report. Even though the msm knows that the information that is being relayed to them is false.

The msm receives prepared statements by its sources hours or even days in advance. By way of news wire services and news embargos.Don’t know what those are? I wouldn’t expect you to. It’s not something the news media mentions much.News embargos can be used as a tool or to cause harm or be used as a form of control.They declare which msm outlet has the rights, when or if a news story can be released, what day and time and what facts can be released by the msm.Yes it can be used to restrict certain information.It also can be used to bankrupt a company in the matter of an hour.

What happens when you question those reports? Have proof that, that information is incorrect? You’re met with harsh criticism and personal attacks by the msm or the source. People disguised as online bots start popping up in your social media feeds and comment sections.You’re criticised to the point to where you lose your viewers and even worse shut down. The government and corporations have been known to do these things.

Internet Bots are algorithms designed to snuff out or find particular data to interact with it in a particular way

Starting back in 2018, the mainstream media’s viewer numbers started collapsing. They continued to fall even through 2019.

Through a study, the mainstream media found that viewers were flocking to “Alternative Sources” or what they say are “conspiracy videos” to get their news.The main reasons being two fold; The news is reporting nothing but Donald Trump 24/7 for the last 3 years, most of it being misinformation.Notably by CNN because of its political views.Other misinformation is being released by corporations, businesses or the government.

However the public became privy to this.When the msm made a mistake in Reporting nothing but Donald Trump for 3 years straight.(  for more on why he has been the attention of the media for 3 years see article entitled ” Donald Trump is a curtain” )

Viewers fled the msm seeking alternative news because of this.Seeking news that couldn’t be bought.The government took notice and became afraid.Why? The government uses the media just as anyone else does.To “Spread information” to the public pertaining to its functions.The government and or corporations do have a certain influence over the msm.And I’ll prove this later on in this article.

Corporations, elitists and the government all bend the msm to their will.Especially when it comes to what the government wants reported.Of course the msm cooperates with what “prepared statements” or what information the corporations and governments want released.Those prepared statements are some times blatant lies.Of course the government doesn’t want certain information to get out.Otherwise they wouldn’t mark investigations that could be public as a matter of national security or top secret.And saying that information doesn’t exist. Such as a mass shooting.After one happens, it’s taken over by the FBI.You request the files because they are suppose to be public.You’re then hit with “national security” reasons.What’s so national security about a crime that’s committed just about everyday in the U.S?

The public started seeing misinformation being spread by the government in its “official statements” and then into the mainstream media.The public started blaming the msm because they are the “unofficial, official” ears of the public.They’re job as seen by the public is suppose to report the facts. and investigate those facts  to see if they are true or false.And they weren’t. They are accepting prepared statements of stories they were “told” to accept, that were false.Or reporting false information they knew to be false as facts anyway, because it went along with their biased political opinions or because the government didn’t want people to know something.The public found that the msm was doing it on purpose and started to find their information elsewhere.

The public made a huge jump over to alternative media.Because they’re information was raw and wasn’t influenced by money, a particular organization or any person.The public saw that  alternative media actually investigated the information that was being handed out to the msm and was finding evidence of false reporting and then was reporting the actual truth.

The msm and the government became very afraid of this.As the msm was losing viewers and viewers equal money. The government became exceedingly afraid, because they use the msm  to spread misinformation to the public.No One was watching that News platform (msm).So the govt along with corporations would have trouble spreading their “Official prepared lie”. Because they had no control or influence over the alternative media or its agenda of TRUTH..And they knew the AM(alternative media) wouldn’t report their lie to the public mainly because their job is just that. To find the lies  and evidence of and report them.

So what happened then? The msm and the govt started attacking the Alternative media in particular those reporting on YouTube. Calling them “conspiracy videos, conspiracy theorist” . stating they are dangerous for the public because of their alternative views. And the public needs to stay away from such “propaganda” only watch what the msm  has to report. YES THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID

Since there could be no persuasion of the Alternative Media. The msm and the govts only option was to convince or give an ultimatum to the social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook twitter and even Google. Saying that if they didn’t stop them they would block their services via internet service providers or by other means. As you know certain social media platforms are under fire for promoting or advancing certain political views

Twitter Undercover Video. Twitter employee states “They are trying to remove the shitty people”
another states the4 government tells them to take posts down that interfere with there’
political agendas” Another states that “No one likes America”

Evidence of this is In an undercover video recorded by an alternative media outlet and YouTube channel known as Project Veritas.It showed interviews of several current twitter employees. One being Pranay Singh a current engineer for twitter. An Employee who states in the video that :No one likes America” and also states  that the government forces them to take down certain tweets, videos and posts by the public. In an attempt to cover up information that interferes with their “political agenda”. Another employee by the name of Mo Noria stated that his job was to ban and remove users tweets based on political affiliation. Its also worthy to note that Twitter itself has its own biased agenda along with its employees. Where they claim to be 99% anti-Trump.

Another employee was caught saying that Twitter is “shadow banning” users. Meaning that they block all visual functions of a user’s account. If they tweet something you won’t see it. If you search for the user you won’t see them. If you want to see what that person retweeted you can’t. You can’t see that users interactions All while that person has no idea that no one is seeing it. And at the end of the day all that data is thrown away.Youtube is also doing the same thing. Along with deleting accounts of people who have a “particular pov or way of talking”. Pranay Singh also stated that they were blocking users who said one of any 5,000 keywords. Such as God ,guns,america. While also stating “Who talks like that”

This is proof that the government is trying its best to stop alternative media so it can continue to spread misinformation to the public and obtain control. While also stomping on  U.S citizens right to freedom of speech. Which is how we have “the media”. Such platforms as YouTube, and Facebook are also being told and forced to bend to the government’s demands to silence the alternative media. As the elitist platform to spread false information to the public is in danger . and without it they’ll be forced to be transparent. They won’t like that.

More proof that social media has bent to the will of the governments, especially YouTube.Changing algorithms to seek out a certain type of speech. Mostly of those of the alternative media. Those that they call “conspiracy theories”. Especially when CNN has done nothing but covered a conspiracy for over 3 years. YouTube recently showed evidence of this during the New Zealand shooting. When the govts of the u.s and New Zealand forced YouTube to take down any information or reporting on the New Zealand shooting. The video of the shooting I can understand. But YouTube made it impossible for any alternative media outlet or channel to report any information on  it. Even not being able to mention it. Except for….Channels that belonged to the mainstream media. By allowing the msm to have videos on Youtube’s platform about the New Zealand shooting. Shows further proof of the government’s attempt to regain control over the public’s opinion. While forcing the public to listen to the “official bullshit” it pumps out to its controlled platform the MSM.  Proving the govt is now trying to control free speech. It’s possible to do just that on social media. Because they are private companies. And your constitutional rights don’t apply when it comes to private companies.

Its Odd That As of Today 3/26/2019. The mainstream media is requesting that “Conspiracy videos ” or alternative media videos related to The Mueller Investigation or Donald Trump not be removed. HAHA I mean just keep adding to the proof. Its odd that when the msm reports on something and provides evidence and makes an assumption on the evidence given its called “official and factual”. When an alternative media source actually provides overwhelming additional proof that something occurred or prove that the facts about a report are wrong its considered a “Conspiracy” or dangerous. Alternative media..Conspiracy theorists. Fight for your Freedom of speech, Fight for the right to be called “Alternative media”. fight for your right to be the APC…Alternative Press Corp.

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