Are Dems hiding the death of RBG?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg slouching over at Obama”s State of the Union Address

Written By: Daniel Hager

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of the greatest Justices and most famous to ever sit on the Supreme court had taken some time off the bench in December. Due to a fall that fractured several ribs on Nov,8th 2018.As written by a court email. She is 85 years old.

While receiving treatment for the incident. Doctors noticed abnormal growths on her lungs.On December 21, 2019 and was taken into surgery to perform an pulmonary lobectomy removing the abnormal growths.She had been battling cancer for some time.She has survived both colon and pancreatic cancer and had a heart stent procedure in 2014.

It is worth noting that many doctors have a cut off age for performing such surgeries on patients with advanced age.

Fox News Aired This graphic announcing the death of RBG

On January 21, 2019 Fox News aired a photo announcing the death of RBG. They later apologized for the mix up.HMMMM(they created a photo of RBG and then typed her passing on it and then accidentally aired it on tv?)

After the Fox News incident some republicans believed she had passed away and the Dems were attempting to conceal RBGs death so Donald Trump couldn’t pick his 3rd Supreme Court Justice.

Conspiracy theories also popped up saying just that.

On February the 4th just 2 weeks after surgery and barely a day after the republicans statements. An article from the Washington post was written by Robert Barnes. RBG had attended a play on herlife at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. Performed by her daughter in law. BArnes stated he was the only one that was invited to the play. Its worth noting that. The lung Surgery RBG under went takes some 8 weeks for recover. The 85 year old who also just had broken 3 ribs did it in 2 weeks.

After Contacting the Women’s theatre website. No mention of the play, a schedule, or even pictures where shared of the event.

The Washington Post came under fire when it published several op-eds. Showing its biased for a preferred political party. Not to mention his barrage of Anti-Trump articles. The op-eds were written by “The deep State”. A group of civil servants within the Trump admin who are fighting against Trump and will continue to sabotage his administration at every turn. The Deep state also refers to what conspiracy theorist call “The elites”.

The Conspiracies worsened with The Washington post and the main stream media all picking up the story.Asking the question where is RBG? Are the Dems hiding her death? Still no photos had surfaced.

10 days later on February 14th a mass email sent by a court spokesman was sent to all media outlets stating that RBG had returned to court. And she would be in “closed door meetings” all day. The court spokeswoman declined to return any questions i asked. Still no pictures of the famous justice had surfaced. Even after speculation and conspiracy was running amok.

On February 19th, 2019 a mass email was sent from the same court spokeswoman. Stating that RBG would be in court listening to oral arguments for the first time in 2 months. which is not standard recovery time for such incidents and surgeries that RBG underwent for her age.

No pictures were released of her on that day. Not to mention not a single reporter could catch her riding in a car to and from her home.To and from the hospital. Or even from the courts to her home.

However during this time. CNN was able to capture on video the instance a secret undercover FBI raid went down at the home of Roger Stone in Florida. Its said that CNN had insider info.(more on that in another article)

The main stream media is using its own reporting as verified proof that RBG is currently alive. As they receive their unverified information only from an email from a courts spokeswoman.

As of Today 3/23/2019 The public and the press have yet to capture a photo of RGB. Even though she is working in the public sector. Only emails are being sent to the media by a court spokeswoman to verify the wear abouts of RBG.

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